By Humans. For Humans. No Bullshit.

We offer mindful hosting, email & starter websites, built by real humans who give a shit about the planet & humanity. Wouldn't you like to empower your digital presence with human-centric infrastructure? We thought so.

What We Do

We only offer exactly what a micro-business or solopreneur needs to launch or modernize their digital presence. Minimal & mindful tech.

That’s it. No bullshit needed.

We offer the following:

~ Happy Human Hosting & Email
~ Digital Brochure- Done For You
~ Hacking Wordpress Install & DIY Tutorial Coming Soon

Super simple. If you need expensive bells and whistles or CEOs who hunt endangered wildlife for sport, head over to GoDaddy.

We do one thing really well. We empower humans with simple technology.

That’s it. Nothing else. Life is short & we have a garden to tend. ;)

The Team

That's right. This is your team. I've worked in communications, production for 2+ decades and have spent the last decade building web platforms for small businesses. We partner with some super ethical & reliable vendors and craft-coders to bring you the best possible human-centric services we can. Run by humans, for humans. No bots up in this bitch!

Got Questions?

We've got answers. Fire away and we'll get right back!

Let's get started!